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Financial assistance available through the Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms (TAA) program can be applied to a variety of projects.

TAA Projects

* Manufacturing and engineering
* Marketing
* Financial and general management
* Information technology

Manufacturing and engineering

ISO/QS 9000 Preparation & Registration Quality Assurance
Product Development Product Design & Testing
Product Certification - CE Mark, UL, etc. Operations Analysis
Manufacturing Technology Review Productivity Improvement
Process Engineering Production Planning, Scheduling & Control
Inventory Management Statistical Process Control
Work Methods and Standards Facility & Equipment Review, Selection & Layout
CAD/CAM Selection and Implementation Material Handling Methods

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Market Research Marketing and Sales Strategy
Advertising/Sales Promotion/Brochure Development Web Site Development
Distribution Analysis & Development Distributor/Sales Representative Search
Sales Force Management Programs Product Line Evaluation
Analysis of Competition Export Development
Customer Service Analysis  

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Financial and general management

Profit Planning/Cash Management/Budgeting Debt Restructuring
Cost Management Quality Management
Strategic Planning Expansion, Diversification & Divestiture Studies
Organizational Analysis Human Resources Planning & Executive Search
Customized Training Program Development and Implementation Compensation and Incentive Programs
Succession Planning  

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Information technology

Hardware/Software Evaluation & Recommendation System Conversion/Enhancements Recommendation
Custom Programming Integrated Manufacturing Systems
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Office Automation

If you have further questions about the type of services available from TAA, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section or give us a call.


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